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Our group started when two therapists, (also mothers) started to meet and share ideas. We both work with a variety of clients but shared a particular interest in women’s health, each of us having a significant client base of women who suffer a range of problems on both a physical, mental & emotional level.

Many of these ladies are simply burnt out with work and family responsibilities, their symptoms signalling loud and clear that there is a real need to re-evaluate their lifestyle and make time to look after their own needs. The basics of good food, rest and exercise - as well as the time to do those things that nurture mind, body and soul, often get lost. In our quick fix culture of ‘a pill for every ill,’ people tend to medicate and soldier on, masking or suppressing symptoms and not really addressing the underlying cause of illness. Eventually the cracks begin to show - with health and vitality becoming more and more depleted. In addition, women in particular, face additional health challenges at defined life stages; puberty, fertility, pregnancy, motherhood and menopause being the key ones. Women can often feel very much lost during these stages now that the traditional ‘village’ support networks are no longer there.

We felt that there was a real need to support this particular client group and a have formed a team of therapists with specific expertise in women’s health.

Therapists are invited onto our team based on their personal and professional integrity, they are usually known to us professionally and personally. All therapists are fully insured and are members of their respective professional bodies.


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